In 2011, Courage Campaign’s members voted to create a federal political action committee (PAC) to make progressive voices count in specific candidate elections in California and across the nation. Soon after, we helped to defeat Mitt Romney's campaign for president by exposing his abominable record on LGBT issues through Mitt Gets Worse.

The 2016 elections will be pivotal to the history of the United States. Enormous decisions that will determine our collective future are at stake. Courage Campaign SuperPAC will reflect the urgency of the 2016 elections and fully devote itself to fighting for a more inclusive, progressive country that provides opportunity for everyone living here.

We will do so by calling out right-wing extremists who are vying for, or are already in, power. Through the fight to replace Supreme Court Justice Scalia, we look to overturn Citizens United once and for all and eliminate SuperPACs all together. We will be holding local and national leaders and presidential candidates who spread fear, lies, and xenophobia, accountable for their hateful words and policies.

The more we are able to fundraise, the more courageous our campaigns can be.

YOU are Courage Campaign, and we need your courage now. Please chip in whatever you can today!

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