In 2011, Courage California’s members voted to create a federal political action committee (PAC) to make progressive voices count in specific candidate elections in California and across the nation. In 2012, we helped defeat Mitt Romney's campaign for president by exposing his abominable record on LGBT issues through Mitt Gets Worse, and we’ve played a role in every federal election since.

In 2018, we helped win back the House of Representatives by replacing the #CaliforniaSeven: 7 California Republicans that represented districts won by Hillary Clinton in 2016. You can read about them at By turning out voters, particularly young voters, voters of color, and self-identified progressives, we know Courage California SuperPAC played a direct role in expanding the electorate and creating those (sometimes very slim) margins of victory. In the end, we called and texted more than 800,000 voters.

In 2020, Courage California SuperPAC will focus on holding those seven seats in California and adding a few more, including those currently occupied by Republicans Devin Nunes and Duncan Hunter! We will also support progressives in strategically selected primary races, such as Esmeralda Soria's challenge of Trump-friendly Democrat Jim Costa in Fresno (CD-16). Once again our focus will be on expanding the electorate by turning out young voters, voters of color, and self-identified progressives.

Every penny we raise will be used to hold the Democratic House majority in 2020 and end the presidency of Donald Trump through impeachment or election.

YOU are Courage California, and we need your courage now. Please chip in whatever you can today!